What does your Board of Directors do? The Board is responsible for conducting the business of the club according to the bylaws. After nomination and election by the club membership, the Board elects the officers for the club. The Board works hard to fulfill the NorCal Packard mission and meet the needs of the membership.

The Board is always open to suggestions and feedback on what the club membership wants. You are encouraged to attend the board meetings and find a way to apply your skills and experience to making NorCal Packards a stronger and more relevant car club. Your support and attendance of club tours and activities is appreciated.

To get a closer look at a board member, click on the name for the board member's picture. You may contact the board member by clicking "Email Member," or to see what the member is driving, click on "Member's Car."

Clint Moore, Director
Steve Weir, Assistant Director
Ladd Stephenson, Treasurer
Kelly Monaghan, Asst. Treasurer
Milt Wheeler, Secretary
Bill Young, Membership
Open, Tour Director
Dave Wooldridge, Asst. Tour Director
Clint Moore, Pious Pelican Editor
Christopher Slater, Club Projects
Christopher Slater, Website
George Beck, Asst. Website
Fred Hill, Historian*
Phil Sherman, Health & Welfare
Tom Beidleman, Member at Large
Orin Kerr, Member at Large
Michael Solomon, Member at Large
Janet Wooldridge, Member at Large
Zane Buck, Member at Large
(*not a board member)
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